Our Aim

Revive the tradition of quality P&F charting, analysis and forecasting.

Present day charting systems have attempted to reproduce Point & Figure charts but the lack of expertise has generally resulted in poor execution. Consequently, the method's effectiveness and strengths are overlooked by many. P&F is fast becoming a lost art!

Knowledgeable and experienced practitioners are dwindling. Point & Figure analyst Tarquin Coe, and his team, are reversing that trend, through educational material and regular research.

P&F Technical Analyst

Tarquin Coe

Point & Figure chartist Tarquin Coe has analyzed stock market charts for 20 years. Much of Tarquin's career was spent with Investors Intelligence in London. He transferred to the Chartcraft office in New Rochelle, New York in 2008.

Working from the Chartcraft office, Tarquin absorbed knowledge and experience from the in-house P&F veterans, up until its closure in 2013. Chartcraft were pioneers in the field of Point & Figure going back to the 1940's. The office fostered P&F analyst legends, John Gray and the late Mike Burke. John and Mike taught Tom Dorsey how to construct and analyze Point & Figure charts. Dorsey then went onto form DWA Research (Dorsey Wright Associates), an institutional P&F based service, now owned by NASDAQ, Inc.

Tarquin still holds an advisory role with Chartcraft Investors Intelligence. He produces independent stock market analysis on 3boXreversaL.com via Chartsurfer LLC, based in Hawaii.

Portrait photograph of P&F chart analyst Tarquin Coe at Chartcraft
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